The Watership Down Litter

Taz and Gaston - April 19, 2019

Taz's first litter of eleven healthy puppies were named after the bunnies in the children's book Watership Down by Richard Adams. They were Fiver, Holly, Dandelion, Blackberry, Bigwig, Silver, Bluebell, Acorn, Strawberry, Hazel and Pipkin.

Bigwig - Ace

Bigwig (Ace) was our first born puppy. He lives in Novi, Michigan with the Anderson family.


Karyn and Ace

Silver - Rafa

Silver (Rafa) was our last born pup from this litter. Rafa mean "Joy" and his mom, Stella, says he is big and soft and cuddly and brings much joy. Stella came all the way from Arizona to bring him home.

Bluebell - Polly

Bluebell (Polly) lives in Pennsylvania with Jeff. Polly was our little, lively, blue girl who had a penchant for water. She often slept with her head on the water bowl and loved the baby pool!


Star Puppy Polly with Jeff.


Holly lives with us and we couldn't be happier. We kept her litter name as it suited her. For more on Holly check out The Girls page.


Lola and the Coy's

Hazel - Lola

Hazel (Lola) lives in Poland Ohio with the Coy family. Hazel was are darling brown girl.


Fiver (Westley) went home to New York with the Lennon family. Michele is a dog trainer so we know he will be well behaved!

Fiver- Westley

Westley with Michele and Hubby

Acorn - Gus

Acorn (Gus) lives just around the corner from us. He lives with the Jahnke family in Westlake, Ohio. 


Gus with his new family.

Pipkin - Claude

Pipkin (Claude) stayed in the family. He lives in Lansing, Michigan with our sister, Ellen.


Ellen and Claude

Ellen with Claude.

Strawberry - Coco

Strawberry (Coco) was a little spitfire with a sweet affectionate temperament. She is living far from her birth home. Her Mom came all the way from Washington State to bring her home.


Coco and Pat.

Blackberry- Ashe

Blackberry (Ashe) is our co-owned boy. He lives in Port Clinton, Ohio with the Waltz family. For more on Ashe check him out on The Boys page!


Ashe with Joyce

Sunny and girl.jpg
Dandelion - Sunny

Dandelion (Sunny) is our co-owned boy and lives in Archbold, Ohio with the Grieser family. For more info on Sunny check out The Boys page.

The Western Adventure Litter

Taz and Rocky - September 7, 2020

This lovely litter of eight healthy puppies was named after the cities we passed on our long, long trek to Rocky in Colorado. They were Denver, Cheyenne, Indy, Laramie, Elsie, Lincoln, Kearney and Ivy.